I’m a full-stack programmer, with an even focus on design, development and testing of system back-ends and user interfaces.

I occasionally publish articles on software development, tutorials / how-to guides, and random musings here. I enjoy creating software and solving challenging problems in conducive and collaborative environments with other talented minds.

When I’m not slinging code or pushing pixels, I enjoy a good game of chess, bouldering, sparring, playing squash or torturing my neighbours with “mind-bending” violin solos − preferably not all at once.

I thoroughly enjoy reading about and tinkering with any kind of technology − though I wholly welcome sci-fi distractions. My areas of interest are Reasoning on Algorithms & Knowledge Discovery in Data sets (KDD − commonly referred to as Data Mining).

You can reach me at hello@davidosideko•me or send a message using the contact form.

“A full-stack programmer is a generalist, someone who can create a non-trivial application by themselves. People who develop broad skills also tend to develop a good mental model of how different layers of a system behave. This turns out to be especially valuable for performance & optimization work ... ”